Instructor: Rogelio Gonzalez

 I am an Aurora, CO, native, born and raised. My “home rink” growing up was the now closed Skate City on 6th and I225. I'll let that reference speak for my age lol. I’m very proud to say that since childhood, Roller Skating has - and continues to be - a very integral part of my life, providing a lifetime of physical and mental fitness and now the enjoyment of teaching my own children to skate. I am high-energy, enthusiastic, animated and I seek to create a fun, safe environment for my students. Music moves me and the roller skates take me there.

Though I’ve been skating most of my life, in 2021 I really began to concentrate on roller dance and artistic skating, becoming a Skate Coach for Skate City’s Artistic Program - the first of its kind in Colorado. While coaching I also received formal training on technique, drills and skills. I’ve been certified as a Skating Coach with SRTA for two years. I was a Dance Major at Metropolitan State College (back then lol) and taught the Intro to Hip Hop class for the campus recreation for two years. I’ve also trained formally in Hip Hop with Deandre Carrol from the Funknitic Project/Cleo Parker Robinson and Chase Evered from the School of Breaking, two of the most amazing dancers I’ve ever had the honor to learn from.🙏🏽 Though Hip Hop was my forte, I am knowledgeable in various other forms of dance and love them all.

Roller Skating and Dance have been lifelong passions of mine, and now I’m combining both skills into DanceSkate!!! I strive to bring the expertise, skill, and dedication needed to foster this passion in the next generation of skaters. I love teaching because I like to witness the journey as the student grows and develops their skill and abilities. The light bulb Eureka! Moments. The Understanding a move or skill. Knowing I had a part in that journey just makes me feel good😊 and keeps me healthy and fit, in Mind, Body and Spirit💪🏽 I am humbled and honored to be in this position to pass on the knowledge and Joy that is Dance Roller Skating🫶🏽

Rogelio is available for private lessons. Contact us for more info!