Instructor: Nikita

Nikita is an Internationally Certified Level 1, Level 2, and Quad Skate Park Instructor, as well as a Skate Park Examiner for SkateIA.
She started her skate journey early in life, rolling from the age of three at her local hometown rink where her mom and aunt worked. She continued to quad and inline skate throughout most of her life. In 2012 she joined the sport of roller derby as a player and has also been a part of their coaching / training team. For some extra fun she took up park skating in 2018. She's had the opportunity to travel internationally doing both, and has attended multiple camps and clinics to learn from many longtime experienced skaters. 
After becoming a Certified Skate Instructor in 2020, she joined forces with multiple Washington DC skate instructors. Working alongside them in their skate schools, she helped build specific curriculum to teach quad skaters how to manage the busy streets of DC, assisted in making quarterly roll outs through the city a success, and taught many group & private lessons. 
Nikita is available for private lessons. Contact us for more info!